monitoreEvents() Turns on logging for all events dispatched to an object.

monitorEvents(object[, events]) :
object may be any element like window, body, div, any dom element etc.
events may be a single event, an array of events, or one of the generic events “types” that are mapped to a predefined collection of events.

Exmaple: Enter this line of code in console:

monitorEvents(window, "scroll");


You can also specify one of the available event “types”, strings that map to predefined sets of events. The available event types and their associated event mappings are given below:

mouse: "mousedown", "mouseup", "click", "dblclick", "mousemove", "mouseover", "mouseout", "mousewheel"
key: "keydown", "keyup", "keypress", "textInput"
touch: "touchstart", "touchmove", "touchend", "touchcancel"
control: "resize", "scroll", "zoom", "focus", "blur", "select", "change", "submit, "reset"

Example: Enter this line of code in console:

monitorEvents(document.body, "mouse");